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Marketing is an essential aspect of establishing your unique brand and growing your business, and outsourcing a marketing firm can be both expensive and time consuming. But when you are a part of the Brownell Hosting Program you have access to our Marketing Team. They will work closely with you to develop a strategy that makes sense for your unique business.


Marketing Services

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Custom Marketing Plan

Tailored to your business goals

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Brand Development

Logo design, business cards, letterhead – you name it! Our in-house graphic designer can create custom collateral for your brand

Digital Marketing

Complimentary monthly touchpoints for clients



Social Media

Use our in-house social media expert to develop and strengthen your online presence


The Runway

Team Marketing’s advisor-facing newsletter with timely marketing tips, strategies and success stories from our ICs.


Virtuoso Marketing

Access to Virtuoso’s direct mail and digital marketing efforts, including their two award-winning publications.



Marketing Minutes

30-minute, live Webex trainings on far-ranging topics like, “Become Insta-Famous on Instagram” to “Best Practices from IC Marketing All-Stars.”


Event Management

Host a client event with the assistance of the marketing team.


Marketing Campaigns

Bespoke digital or print campaigns tailored to your book of business.



The Travel Life

Get an inside look at the travel industry, tips for success, interviews with advisors, and more.


Team Marketing is tops

“I love all of the creative marketing help. The very most helpful thing was when they prepped me for my interview with Travel Agent Central. Their guidance on that was so spectacular, and I genuinely feel as though I could not have handled that without them. Team Marketing is a very important part of my plans to grow my business, and I always feel very supported.”

Kristen Meckem, Bend, OR

Client-Facing Newsletter

“A huge shout out to the Brownell marketing team for this month’s Fernweh. It’s always well done — so simple, yet professional and enough of an eye-catcher that clients actually read it — but this month’s issue is particularly good. I love the white labeling Brownell does, and am very proud to have this newsletter going to my clients.”

Linda Terrill, Atlanta, GA

I love the one-on-one marketing support

“I love the marketing 1:1 calls because they really help me think outside the box with ideas for social media, blogging, and direct mail.”

Kristen Nix, Whitefish, MO

Helped connect me with editors for press opportunities

“Team Marketing was really helpful in assisting me in the re-branding of my business, creating collateral and connecting me with editors for press opportunities.”

Courtney Regan, San Francisco, CA

We love the social media content & tips

“Social media is always a challenge for us, so we love the content & tips from Brownell’s marketing team!!!”

King & Whitson, Chattanooga, TN & Washington, VA


“These newsletters with personal branding are so awesome! Thank you!”

Julie Jones, St. Louis, MO