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Jessica Battista

Jessica Battista’s love of travel was sparked by her grandmother’s stories of her trips to Spain and Morocco. During Jessica’s semester abroad at Oxford, she realized her desire to explore the world and experience different cultures. After many years in event planning, she turned her passion into a career by becoming a luxury travel advisor…. Read More >

Meet the New Class: Class 15

  We were thrilled to have the latest mentoring class in the Birmingham office last week for a fabulous week of training! Starting with a kick-off dinner on Sunday night, this initial training is the first step in their career as a Brownell Independent Travel Advisor. During the week, mentees learned about Brownell, Virtuoso, our… Read More >

7 Questions with Susan Whitson

Though Susan Whitson has always had a love for travel and adventure, her career path went in several directions before she became a luxury travel advisor. Susan graduated from Auburn University (where she met current business partner Martha King) and then worked as a high school teacher before diving into the world of politics. As… Read More >

7 Questions with Deborah Knighton

Travel has been in Deborah Knighton’s blood since birth. She lived in Germany when she was only 6 months old and has loved exploring the world ever since! In 1999 she started her career in travel as an assistant to former Brownell Independent Advisor Ellen LeCompte. They realized the importance of working with a Virtuoso-affiliated… Read More >

Welcome Claudia Austin and Margaret Pratt!

We are thrilled to welcome two new Independent Travel Advisors to the Brownell Hosting Program, Claudia Austin and Margaret Pratt. They came to Birmingham in December for a 3-day training with the Hosting Support Team. They chatted with us for a few minutes about where they came from, why they chose Brownell, and what they… Read More >

7 Questions with Suzette Mack

For more than 16 years, Suzette Mack has been planning travel experiences for families. As a mother herself, Suzette understands the importance of showing your children the world and has helped countless families plan trips around the globe. Suzette has a love for the outdoors and a special spot in her heart for Alaska. Learn… Read More >

How the Brownell Mentoring Program Launched my Business

After 10 years working in Corporate America, Kim Heflin decided to turn her passion for travel into her profession. Her experience planning trips for family and friends combined with personal experiences globetrotting gave her a solid base for her business, but she knew she needed true industry training. Kim joined the Brownell Mentoring Program and… Read More >

7 Questions with Irene Quisenberry

Born to Cuban and French Canadian parents, Irene Quisenberry grew up immersed in different cultures and lifestyles. Irene has always been interested in the world and studied in Spain while in college. When she travels, she loves to experience all that each destination has to offer, from food to history to customs. It was only… Read More >


7 Questions with Karen Lee-Ishmael

Karen Lee-Ishmael started her career in travel at 16 when she planned a 14-day tour through Europe for herself and 5 friends. She still remembers each exciting detail of that “coming of age” trip, and since then, travel has been a major part of her life. After graduating from Smith College, earning an MBA from… Read More >

7 Questions with Donna Mills

For over 30 years, Donna Mills has been planning exceptional travel experiences. With extensive travels around the world, Donna knows the ins and outs of travel and can match clients with experiences that fit their unique interests. She has a knack for adventure travel, whether it be rafting, hiking or snorkeling. Get to know her a little… Read More >

7 Questions with Gayle Soloe

With over 30 years as a Travel Advisor, Gayle Soloe has seen the industry change and develop. Advisors may no longer hand-write airline tickets, but Gayle has the same dedication to and commitment to her clients. She joined the Brownell Hosting Program in 2005 and uses Brownell’s deep industry connections to create custom travel experiences… Read More >


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Constant support, encouragement and super-fast response times

“The best things about the Brownell Hosting are the constant support, encouragement and super-fast response times. And, of course, the hosting team. LOVE.THEM.ALL!!! Brownell is so special and the support IC’s receive is unbelievable!! I feel so immensely blessed to be a part of the Brownell family!!!”

Martha King, Signal Mountain,TN

Brownell is constantly evolving

“The 3 best things about Brownell hosting are (1.) Brownell, the organization. (.2) Brownell is contstantly evolving in a positive direction, and (3.)  I always feel like I have exactly what I need to run a successful business. “

Kelly Millington, Fairfield, CT

Brownell is the best in the industry

“Brownell is the best in the industry. The staff, back end support, superlative processes and response times are tops.”

Jennifer Royster, Clemmons, NC

The sky is the limit here!

“Brownell Hosting is the gold standard in host agency programs. From the onboard training to the day-to-day support, the hosting team offers best practice strategies and industry insight to ensure I stand apart in the marketplace. Even as a home-based advisor, I feel incredibly connected with not just the hosting team but the entire Brownell Family. There is a collaborative and supportive environment among the advisors which truly gives me an advantage in designing client travel experiences. I am so proud to be affiliated with such a prestigious agency. The sky is the limit here!”

Irene Quisenberry, Tampa, FL


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