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What is a Host Agency

If you have researched joining a travel agency or starting your own, you’ve probably read “host travel agency” a good bit. Becoming a travel agent, or as we say travel advisor, may seem pretty straight forward, but when you research you realize there is so much more to know. So what is a host agency?… Read More >

5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Travel Advisor

Do you want to become a luxury travel advisor? There’s no time like the present! People are seeking the help of travel advisors now more than ever, and the industry needs dedicated professionals to fulfill the demand. However, a travel advisor is a full-time job that is so much more than someone who makes simple… Read More >

Questions to Ask a Prospective Host Agency

So you’ve decided to use a host travel agency. Don’t rely on google to answer your questions. Call the agency, and get information from the direct source. You’ll have a better understanding of what the agency is about and whether or not it is a good fit for you and your business. Remember: you’re interviewing… Read More >

10 Tips for Working from Home

Most hosted travel advisors work from a home office. While having a 2-second commute and a lax dress code has it’s perks, working steps away from piles of laundry, kids, and pets creates quite a challenge. Not to mention you literally take work home with you. We’ve rounded up 10 tips for working from home to… Read More >

How to Become a Luxury Travel Advisor

 So you’ve decided to join the travel industry. Congrats – you’re on your way to the best job in the world! A career as a luxury travel advisor is not only incredibly rewarding, but it also gives you the opportunity to travel the world. Plus, with a strong client base and several years of… Read More >

Successful Travel Advisor

Best Practices of a Successful Travel Advisor

There are people who book travel for others, and then there are Travel Advisors. While the former may simply book a flight and make a hotel reservation, Travel Advisors craft custom, unique travel experiences that the client couldn’t get on their own. Whether it is a private dinner in the Sistine Chapel or a bespoke… Read More >

How to Be a Rockstar Travel Advisor

Senior Advisor to the Hosting and Mentoring Program Rebecca Willson know what it takes to be a rockstar travel advisor. She was the visionary behind the hosting and mentoring program and has seen it all. Below she shares the 12 qualities that let you stand out in the industry—do you have what it takes?? 1…. Read More >

5 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Sometimes your space needs to feel clean and fresh in order to maximize productivity. Scattered papers, dried out pens, and broken staplers can make an already busy day even more frustrating. Here are our favorite 5 products to organize your home office. 1. Colorful Desk Supplies from Poppin Just like it’s motto, Poppin lets people… Read More >


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