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7 Questions with Gayle Soloe

With over 30 years as a Travel Advisor, Gayle Soloe has seen the industry change and develop. Advisors may no longer hand-write airline tickets, but Gayle has the same dedication to and commitment to her clients. She joined the Brownell Hosting Program in 2005 and uses Brownell’s deep industry connections to create custom travel experiences… Read More >

Meet Courtney Regan

Travel Advisor Courtney Regan has a love for South America, a passion for giving back, and a flourishing travel business, Courtney Regan Travel. Though her love of travel and philanthropy has always been engrained in her, it wasn’t initially her career. She began as a marketing professional and even worked on the marketing team for… Read More >


7 Questions with Laura Bassett

Before becoming a luxury travel advisor, Laura Bassett worked as a CPA in Big 4 accounting firm. She had long dreamed of a career in travel where she could combine her detail-oriented accounting side with her love of travel and discovering new places. When she realized was having more fun helping friends plan trips (keeping… Read More >

David Ourisman

7 Questions with David Ourisman

After years in the academic world, David Ourisman traded in the textbooks and changed to a career centered on his lifelong passion: travel. He joined the Brownell Hosting Program’s first ever Mentoring class and has since established himself industry-wide as a luxury hotel and resort specialist. Having visited countless of the world’s top hotels, David… Read More >

Caroline Wallace Brownell Hosting

7 Questions with Caroline Wallace

Advisor Caroline Wallace was born ready to explore the world. From exploring Rajasthan and Bombay to diving in the crystal waters of the Caribbean to climbing Mount Kenya, Caroline’s love for discovering new places is simply contagious. Through her boutique travel business, Caroline Travels the World, she shares her adventures with fellow explorers and helps… Read More >

Linda Allen Cruises

7 Questions with Linda Allen

Despite living in landlocked Arkansas, Travel Advisor Linda Allen is an expert on cruising the seven seas (and any other bodies of water!). With over 20 years of experience, she knows the ships top to bottom and helps travelers have the very best experience on board. From which rooms have the best views (and which… Read More >

Katherine Gould

7 Questions with Katherine Gould

No dust settles on travel advisor Katherine Gould’s suitcases; she is constantly on the move, discovering new vacation spots and resorts to share with clients. With a mission to experience the culture, cuisine, and various accommodations during each trip, Katherine has cultivated a vast understanding of which spots are appropriate for all types of travelers…. Read More >

Louisa Gehring

7 Questions with Louisa Gehring

Louisa Gehring is the owner of Gehring Travel, an affiliate of Brownell Travel. A lifelong traveler, Louisa has been planning amazing journeys for her clients for years, from Vancouver to Wimbledon, Costa Rica to Barcelona, and Palm Spring to Mustique. We chatted with Louisa about her travel extravagance (business class and People Magazine), the next… Read More >


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We could not do this without you!

“The Mentoring Program gave us the chance and the training to start a business AND the continued support to grow that businesss. We could not do this without you!”

King & Whitson, Chattanooga, TN & Washington, VA Washington, VA

An incredible opportunity to join the industry as a newbie

“The mentoring program was an incredible opportunity to join one of the premier travel agencies in the world as a complete newbie. Brownell’s staff was always available and willing to help with the countless questions I had during my first year. Being mentored by the top travel professionals in the industry contributed immensely to the success that I am now enjoying.”

David Ourisman, Berkeley, CA