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Working in the travel industry may have ups and downs, but it is truly one of the most rewarding and exciting careers around. What other job allows you to meet incredible people around the world and experience the best of travel? As we kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, we’re sharing a few things that we are thankful for this year.

Some of the Brownell team at the Park Hyatt in New York City during an Educational.

Some of the Brownell team at the Park Hyatt in New York City during an Educational.

We are thankful for…

a career that allows us to share our passion with others

“I’m thankful that I have had an opportunity to transform traveling from “getting from place to place” to really seeing and exploring not just “places” but destinations, and sharing those new experiences with my clients, colleagues, family and friends.” – Brownell Independent Advisor Joanne Smith

worldwide friendships

“I am thankful for the global perspective on life that travel affords and the friendships I have now with people around the world.” – Brownell Independent Advisor Martha Rhodes

…our incredible travel partners that make things happen

“I’m thankful for a caring and empowered Delta Sales Support agent yesterday who spent over an hour on the phone with me to get a solution to a problem.” – Brownell Vice President Bowden Sarrett

…an incredible work community

“I am thankful to be a part of The Brownell Family!” – Brownell Ambassador Laura Clark

“I am thankful that there is a travel agency like Brownell! I cannot stop going on and on about the dream Brownell Academy was. What a welcome to Brownell! From the incredible professionalism that touched everything, to how kind everyone is, to having the best in the business willingly share in round tables, hallways or bar stools zooooom to awards given for graciousness and spirit and have it all culminate with confetti overhead!!! I am THANKFUL!” – Brownell Independent Advisor Tate Hallford

Brownell Advisors in front of Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey)

Brownell Advisors in front of Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey)

Learn more about the Brownell Hosting Program here and learn how to become a luxury travel advisor here.



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I'm inspired to set new goals

“Brownell Academy is my chance to step away from the daily office routine and immerse myself in the world of travel. Having uninterrupted quality time with other advisors and vendors not only builds camaraderie, but inspires me to set new goals. I come back to my office not only rejuvenated, but also with specific actions I can immediately implement to improve my business & provide better service to my clients.”

Suzette Mack, San Jose, CA

The support and education is amazing

“I love the hosting program because the support and education is amazing! The support team is so enthusiastic and passionate, it is a continuing inspiration. Makes me want to work harder and better!”

Catherine Whitworth, Athens, GA

The sky is the limit here!

“Brownell Hosting is the gold standard in host agency programs. From the onboard training to the day-to-day support, the hosting team offers best practice strategies and industry insight to ensure I stand apart in the marketplace. Even as a home-based advisor, I feel incredibly connected with not just the hosting team but the entire Brownell Family. There is a collaborative and supportive environment among the advisors which truly gives me an advantage in designing client travel experiences. I am so proud to be affiliated with such a prestigious agency. The sky is the limit here!”

Irene Quisenberry, Tampa, FL

My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell

“I found my family when I found Brownell. Just having their name behind me brings enthusiastic greetings (and sometimes hugs) from hoteliers, and suppliers when I first meet a new partner. The support and values are truly outstanding and I couldn’t imagine being with another host agency. My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell.”


Catherine Parkin, Denver, CO

I count my lucky stars that I work with Brownell

“There is no agency better than Brownell! Our Hosting Team is there to hold our hands through the good and the bad. What a huge support group we have! I count my lucky stars every day that I am fortunate to be working for Brownell. The hosting staff is such a comforting and hands on team. They are positive reinforcements of acknowledging when we excel and encourage us to grow our business by having the opportunities to travel and experience the wonderful hotels and resorts we sell worldwide.”

Caroline Wallace, Richmond, VA

The best quality of "work-life!"

“For quality of work-life, there isn’t a better place to be than Brownell. I most value the culture of support, the detailed financial reports and the amazing hosting team.”

Martha King, Richmond, VA

I have reached goals beyond my expectations

“I wanted to convert my love for travel, marketing skills, client service skills, and technology background into a career. Fortunately, Brownell’s mentoring program allowed me to do just that and allowed me to reach goals that were beyond my expectations. An unexpected bonus of joining Brownell has been becoming part of an organization where each part of the team is truly supportive of my efforts and is interested in my ongoing success. Brownell’s methods and techniques serve as a daily inspiration.”

Linda Terrill, Atlanta, GA

Brownell is the best in the industry

“Brownell is the best in the industry. The staff, back end support, superlative processes and response times are tops.”

Jennifer Royster, Clemmons, NC