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Brownell and Virtuoso

Brownell and Virtuoso

Brownell has a very close relationship with Virtuoso, a network of the world’s elite travel agencies. In fact, Brownell Advisors hold positions on several key Virtuoso committees:

  • Virtuoso Air Committee
  • Virtuoso Cruise Committee
  • Virtuoso Innovations Team
  • Virtuoso Onsite Committee

Through this invitation-only organization, Brownell has the keys to exclusive amenities, travel offers, and one-of-a-kind experiences that the clients could not get on their own. As an advisor in Brownell’s hosting program, you too will have access to the powerful Virtuoso network. Here are some of the major benefits of Brownell and Virtuoso:

Virtuoso’s global network connects advisors with travel suppliers from all over the world. If you’re just starting your travel business, joining the Brownell Hosting Program will immediately give you a strong foundation of suppliers. You will be able to contact the general managers of the most prestigious hotels to let him or her know your client is coming. If a client is heading to a remote destination, you can be in contact with an onsite based there who will give your client the VIP treatment.

The hotels are the best of the best. A hotelier visiting the Brownell office jokingly commented that you just about have to give up your first born to get a hotel in the Virtuoso portfolio! Knowing that a Virtuoso hotel has to meet certain requirements, advisors can confidently send clients to any of these properties knowing that the client will be taken care of and have an exceptional travel experience.

One of the biggest advantages is the worldwide network of onsites. Advisors can work with the best destination management companies and tour operators who know their destination inside and out and are ready to roll out the red carpet for Virtuoso clients. Through these onsites, advisors can offer their clients access to sites and experiences that the client can’t get on their own and probably didn’t even realize were possible—talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Virtuoso holds an annual event that brings both sides of the travel industry together for valuable face time. During Virtuoso Travel Week, Brownell advisors can meet one-on-one with meet representatives of hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and airlines from around the world.

In addition to Travel Week, Virtuoso offers continuous training through the Virtuoso Travel Academy. Every month advisors can be a part of a variety of webinars, connecting them with travel suppliers across the world. The Virtuoso Travel Academy also offers exclusive trainings and study tours to keep advisors up to date with the latest in the industry.

Thanks to the strong global network, the name recognition of Virtuoso carries much weight in the travel industry. As an independent advisor starting out in the industry, having Virtuoso next to your company’s name gives you an immediate “in” with suppliers around the world.

A Virtuoso affiliation is not only extremely valuable to you but also to you clients! Your clients will reap the benefits of this relationship through special amenities, upgrades, and more. Hotels in the Virtuoso portfolio offer amenities, like $100 spa credits and complimentary breakfast. Virtuoso guests are also top of the list to be upgraded to a higher category room than those who booked directly with the hotel.

Virtuoso and Brownell can take your career to a new level that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own. If you’re interested in joining the Brownell Hosting Program and accessing the incredible benefits it offers, apply here.


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I'm inspired to set new goals

“Brownell Academy is my chance to step away from the daily office routine and immerse myself in the world of travel. Having uninterrupted quality time with other advisors and vendors not only builds camaraderie, but inspires me to set new goals. I come back to my office not only rejuvenated, but also with specific actions I can immediately implement to improve my business & provide better service to my clients.”

Suzette Mack, San Jose, CA

My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell

“I found my family when I found Brownell. Just having their name behind me brings enthusiastic greetings (and sometimes hugs) from hoteliers, and suppliers when I first meet a new partner. The support and values are truly outstanding and I couldn’t imagine being with another host agency. My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell.”


Catherine Parkin, Denver, CO