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Brownell is a Virtuoso National Account – How Does That Benefit You?

Outstanding Mentoring and Talent Development by an Agency_2016

Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch, Meg North, Haisley Smith, Martha Gaughen, Sheri Selkirk, Troy Haas, and Virtuoso SVP of Global Member Partnerships David Kolner when Brownell won “Outstanding Mentoring and Talent Development by an Agency” at Virtuoso Travel Week.


Brownell has many industry alliances that allow our Independent Advisors to access client perks, exclusive travel opportunities, and special training sessions – one of these is Virtuoso. Through Brownell’s membership in Virtuoso, our Independent Advisors are privy to exclusive perks for clients, have direct contacts at the world’s best hotels and resorts, cruise lines, tour operators, and onsites, can access endless training opportunities, and so much more. But Brownell isn’t just a Virtuoso member – it is one of only a handful of Virtuoso National Accounts.

So what does it mean to be a Virtuoso National Account? A lot.

As a Brownell Independent Advisor, you get even more training, marketing perks, and event exclusives.

Oh, and you also get to be a part of an agency that is shaping the future of travel together with Virtuoso. Get to know a little more about what it means to be a Virtuoso National Account below.

Virtuoso Marketing Benefits

Brownell has an in-house marketing team, so our Independent Advisors don’t have to hire an expensive outside marketing firm, but they also access Virtuoso Marketing. Brownell Independent Advisors can send clients award-winning publications, opt-in to email marketing, and sign up for direct mail campaigns. But wait – there’s more! (This is all about marketing, after all!) Virtuoso National Accounts get additional Virtuoso Marketing allocations and complimentary, customized marketing tools. Staying in touch with clients has never been easier!

Dedicated Contacts at Virtuoso

When we have questions or need assistance, we know exactly who to call: our personal contacts at Virtuoso. We have a dedicated regional Director and Account Manager, an exclusive Virtuoso Services phone number, and added support for cruise, destinations, and marketing.


Beyond the dedicated contacts, we have strong relationships with the Virtuoso executive team members. Our Leadership Team has spent years working alongside Virtuoso execs to better Virtuoso, Brownell, and the travel industry as a whole. Our Independent Advisors can rest assured knowing that Brownell wasn’t just the oldest travel agency in North America – Brownell is also on the forefront of shaping the future of the industry.

Susan Whitson, Lou deLisser, Sam McClure at Virtuoso Travel Week

Virtuoso Event Priority

Virtuoso has several exciting events throughout the year, including Virtuoso Travel Week and Virtuoso Week on Tour. Thanks to our National Account status, our team gets early access to registration, priority access for appointments tables, VIP seating at the Gala. Plus, our Independent Advisors often get complimentary registration!

Exclusive Training

The Virtuoso Travel Academy offers training for so many products – from hotels to cruises to onsites. Even better, they offer exclusive training, including custom content, for Virtuoso National Accounts. Our Independent Advisors can constantly grow their knowledge and expertise through these training programs.

New Product Testing

Virtuoso is constantly testing new products, strategies, and ideas to help advisors streamline their workflow, stay on track with new technology, and better client relationships. And as a National Account, Brownell not only knows about these products but also gets to be a part of the beta testing. We then can give feedback and share ideas so the products better fit our Independent Advisors’ needs, and often the Independent Advisors themselves can be part of the testing.

The benefits of being a Virtuoso National Account aren’t too shabby, are they? And this is only one perk of the Brownell Hosting Program! Learn about other advantages of our award-winning program:

Click here to learn more about the Brownell Hosting Program or the Brownell Mentoring Program.


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My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell

“I found my family when I found Brownell. Just having their name behind me brings enthusiastic greetings (and sometimes hugs) from hoteliers, and suppliers when I first meet a new partner. The support and values are truly outstanding and I couldn’t imagine being with another host agency. My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell.”


Catherine Parkin, Denver, CO

I'm inspired to set new goals

“Brownell Academy is my chance to step away from the daily office routine and immerse myself in the world of travel. Having uninterrupted quality time with other advisors and vendors not only builds camaraderie, but inspires me to set new goals. I come back to my office not only rejuvenated, but also with specific actions I can immediately implement to improve my business & provide better service to my clients.”

Suzette Mack, San Jose, CA