Brownell Company Meeting 2014 - Brownell Hosting

Brownell Company Meeting 2014

Brownell Company Meeting

We just returned from yet another wonderful Brownell Company Meeting. Advisors from the Brownell offices in Birmingham, Mobile, and Atlanta as well as the Independent Advisors from across the country congregated at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun. Vendors from around the world traveled to the meeting, giving advisors the opportunity to meet and hear the latest from these key suppliers. Here are some of the highlights of the Company Meeting:

1. The Independent Advisor Session: Brownell strives to have the best hosting program around and values feedback from all of the Independent Advisors. During the Independent Advisor only meeting there is a Q & A session that covers many topics, from marketing to sales to working with assistants.

2. Vendor Visits and Presentations: Vendors traveled from 6 different continents (all except Antarctica!) to meet with the Brownell family at our Company Meeting. This year we hosted over 70 travel partners representing hotels, cruises, tour operators, and more at our meeting. Advisors had one-on-one time with them to learn about what’s new and to ask questions.

3. Workshops: Brownell plans a several workshops that cover a variety of topics based on feedback from the inside and independent advisors. This year topics ranged from working with wholesalers to workflow organization to creating documents to social media.

Laura-Louisa-Troy-Stephanie-and-Karen4. Awards: On the last night of the Company Meeting, everyone gathers for an Awards & Recognition Dinner. After a year of hard work, those who meet certain goals are recognized as well as a few individuals who have demonstrated Brownell’s core values of passion, integrity, excellence, graciousness, and innovation. Advisors in the 1887 and Griffin Clubs along with winners of the Spirit of Brownell, Sterling, and Sales Support Awards will celebrate on a trip to Argentina in May!

5. Time with Brownell Family: With advisors spread across the country, the Company Meeting is the only time that the entire company is together. Just like a big family reunion, inside advisors, independent advisors, support staff, and Brownell executives relish the time to catch up each other. Even after a long day of learning and networking, people were visiting in the cozy lobby well into the evening (and maybe a few into the early morning!).

We’re already counting down until the next Company Meeting. We can’t wait to see everyone again in November!


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I have reached goals beyond my expectations

“I wanted to convert my love for travel, marketing skills, client service skills, and technology background into a career. Fortunately, Brownell’s mentoring program allowed me to do just that and allowed me to reach goals that were beyond my expectations. An unexpected bonus of joining Brownell has been becoming part of an organization where each part of the team is truly supportive of my efforts and is interested in my ongoing success. Brownell’s methods and techniques serve as a daily inspiration.”

Linda Terrill, Atlanta, GA

Phenomenal Education

“I am so thankful, grateful and honored to be a part of such a fantastic company. I said to a few of you one of the best parts of Academy is getting to see everyone and catch up but what I really want you all to know is how much I appreciate the phenomenal education I received this weekend. I was blown away. Just when you think it can’t get any better….it does!”

Kelly Millington, Fairfield, CT

I count my lucky stars that I work with Brownell

“There is no agency better than Brownell! Our Hosting Team is there to hold our hands through the good and the bad. What a huge support group we have! I count my lucky stars every day that I am fortunate to be working for Brownell. The hosting staff is such a comforting and hands on team. They are positive reinforcements of acknowledging when we excel and encourage us to grow our business by having the opportunities to travel and experience the wonderful hotels and resorts we sell worldwide.”

Caroline Wallace, Richmond, VA

The sky is the limit here!

“Brownell Hosting is the gold standard in host agency programs. From the onboard training to the day-to-day support, the hosting team offers best practice strategies and industry insight to ensure I stand apart in the marketplace. Even as a home-based advisor, I feel incredibly connected with not just the hosting team but the entire Brownell Family. There is a collaborative and supportive environment among the advisors which truly gives me an advantage in designing client travel experiences. I am so proud to be affiliated with such a prestigious agency. The sky is the limit here!”

Irene Quisenberry, Tampa, FL