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Brownell and Lindblad Expeditions


Strong industry partnerships are key a travel advisor’s success and a big reason why people use a travel advisor. With new hotels, emerging destinations, and ever-changing travel trends, one person cannot keep up with the world. However, when you are an advisor in the Brownell Hosting Program, you have access to our wide network of trusted travel partners who can help you create an itinerary tailored to your client’s interests that you just can’t find on Google.

One of Brownell’s close partners is Lindblad Expeditions, and Brownell is a Lindblad LEXleader. For more than 50 years, Lindblad has set the standard for expeditionary travel. From the Galapagos to Antarctica to Papa New Guinea, Lindblad allows travelers to explore hard-to-reach destinations with expert guides and scientists. Plus their partnership with National Geographic Expeditions gives clients an even deeper connection to the destination as they learn from their writers, photographers, and filmmakers.

Our friend Lesa Bain, Lindblad’s Vice President of Sales in North America, shares about her experience with Brownell in the video below.


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I'm inspired to set new goals

“Brownell Academy is my chance to step away from the daily office routine and immerse myself in the world of travel. Having uninterrupted quality time with other advisors and vendors not only builds camaraderie, but inspires me to set new goals. I come back to my office not only rejuvenated, but also with specific actions I can immediately implement to improve my business & provide better service to my clients.”

Suzette Mack, San Jose, CA

My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell

“I found my family when I found Brownell. Just having their name behind me brings enthusiastic greetings (and sometimes hugs) from hoteliers, and suppliers when I first meet a new partner. The support and values are truly outstanding and I couldn’t imagine being with another host agency. My clients are spoiled because I am part of Brownell.”


Catherine Parkin, Denver, CO