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7 Questions with Katherine Gould

Katherine Gould

No dust settles on travel advisor Katherine Gould’s suitcases; she is constantly on the move, discovering new vacation spots and resorts to share with clients. With a mission to experience the culture, cuisine, and various accommodations during each trip, Katherine has cultivated a vast understanding of which spots are appropriate for all types of travelers. We caught up with Katherine between trips and got the skinny on the latest in travel.

1. What is the best travel advice you have ever received?

Be flexible! While it’s important to have an itinerary and some plans for how you will spend your days, never lose sight of the fact that each destination brings new and unanticipated experiences. Be open to those surprises, and let the destination show you all it has to offer.

2. What 5 things do you always have in your carry on?

  • A lightweight fleece blanket because I’m always cold on planes
  • Ziploc bag of almonds – healthy and filling when you’re hungry in a pinch
  • A crossword puzzle book and pencil – I enjoy the non-electronic aspect of writing in the words
  • Travel slippers – key for comfort on even shorter flights
  • An eye mask for overnight flights

3. If you could leave today and go anywhere, where would you go?

Turkey – I’m fascinated by the culture, people, architecture and history. It offers some of the most amazing experiences I can recall planning for my clients – from chartering a private gulet (gorgeous wooden boats indigenous to the region), to taking a private tour of the underground cisterns in Istanbul to balloon riding over Cappadocia, Turkey offers travelers an unbelievable number of “wow” experiences.

4. What popular destination lives up to the hype?

Costa Rica. The wildlife lives up to all the photos you see online and in travel magazines, the people are wonderful and warm, the terrain is gorgeous, and the beaches are lovely.

5. What is your go-to getaway?

I’m an island girl so pretty much any Caribbean island makes me happy, but I’m partial to St. John, Anguilla and the outer islands of the Bahamas.

6. What is your travel motto?

Engage with the locals. I always learn so much from talking with the people who actually live in the destination I’m visiting.

7. What is your travel extravagance?

Booking either a suite or two rooms when I travel with my husband and two young children. Everyone is happier when they have their own sleeping space!

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