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5 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Ways to organize your home office

Sometimes your space needs to feel clean and fresh in order to maximize productivity. Scattered papers, dried out pens, and broken staplers can make an already busy day even more frustrating. Here are our favorite 5 products to organize your home office.

1. Colorful Desk Supplies from Poppin

Just like it’s motto, Poppin lets people who want a clean, chic environment “work happy.” Pick a color (or 2 if you’re feeling sassy) and order any office supply you can think of in the palette. File drawers, pens, staplers, paper clips you name it—the site is the Type A person’s dream come true.

2. File Folders

Keep your papers filed away in style with festive folders. Paper Source has a ton of bright options, including these Feathers and Arrows.

3. Big Calendar

When booking travel you need to know dates. This big calendar is not only helpful but looks great on display! Even better, the cities artwork will keep you inspired!

4. Notebook

Always keep a pen and paper with you—you never know when genius will strike! There are so many bright and customizable notepads, like this Kate Spade one, that you can get one to match your personality and needs.

5. World Map

All of our in-house Brownell Advisors have a map of the world plastered on their wall. It gives the space an authentic, travel-expert feel but, more importantly, it will be useful day in and day out. If a client asks about some obscure destination, they won’t hear the frantic typing of a Google map search; with a casual swivel of your chair you can expertly reply, “Yes, Talinn would be wonderful. Perhaps you would want visit St. Petersburg or Helsinki since they are so close.”

What are your favorite products for your home office?


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