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I Think We Need To Break-Up: When to Say Goodbye to Your Host Agency

You’ve been feeling it for a while. The nagging thought that you are not appreciated by your host agency. The sense that you are by yourself on an island. The resentment from doing all of the work with none of the recognition. The lingering feeling that there is something better out there, something “MORE.” Break-ups… Read More >

Sarah Groen: Luxury Travel Insider

When COVID-19 hit, the travel industry came to a screeching halt. Trips were cancelled or postponed, and then the phones stopped ringing and the inbox was quiet. But Brownell Independent Advisor Sarah Groen saw the crisis as an opportunity to innovate and launched a podcast called the Luxury Travel Insider. In each episode, she chats… Read More >

Why a Travel Insurance Desk is Important for Your Business

If there is one thing that is in high demand with traveling in a COVID-19 world, it is travel insurance. Your clients want to know how they can protect their investment in their travels but navigating the travel insurance world can be challenging and time consuming. But for Brownell Independent Advisors, we’ve got the Travel… Read More >

How to Prepare for the Return of Travel Post COVID

You have “un-booked” virtually every trip on your departure list. You have reviewed and revised your Terms & Conditions until your eyes have crossed. You could write a best seller on travel insurance. And if you have to answer “do you know when I am going to get my refund?” one more time you may… Read More >

Tips for Choosing the Right Host Agency

You’ve determined that you need a host agency, but finding the right host agency for you and your business can be a challenge. There are so many wonderful options for a host agency and each one has a unique model and focus. We asked a few of our Independent Contractors (or ICs) to share their… Read More >

7 Questions with Anne Bluntzer

Meet Anne Bluntzer. After years working for congress, governmental affairs, and in the financial industry, Anne followed her heart and turned her passion for travel into her full time job. Anne was hardly a new kid on the block in the travel industry before founding Bluntzer Travel joining Brownell’s Hosting Program. After working for over ten… Read More >

Managing Your Travel Business During COVID-19

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash Over the last few years, the travel industry has experienced incredible growth, and it has been an exciting time to be a travel advisor. Then COVID-19 hit and the travel industry came to a screeching halt. Though this virus is new to our world, disruptions to the travel industry… Read More >

Mentoring Class 22

We are so excited about the latest Mentoring Class in the Brownell Mentoring Program. The five incredible women that make up Class 22 come from around the world with unique backgrounds, but each of their paths led them to the travel industry. Learn a little more about them below.   Abbay King Auckland, New Zealand… Read More >

10 Marketing Mistakes

Whether you’re just launching your travel firm or are a seasoned travel advisor, marketing plays a huge role in the success of your business. It helps you reach new clients, stay top of mind with existing clients, legitimize your business, establish yourself as a travel expert, and so much more. But before you dive headfirst… Read More >

Travel Industry Predictions for the New Decade

Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas shares his predictions on what the new decade will bring for the travel industry. Travel has the rare and unique ability to touch hearts, open minds, and connect people of the world in a deep and meaningful way. (I assert there is no industry that can say the same.)… Read More >

2019 Brownell Academy

The 2019 Brownell Academy was a huge success! With nearly 300 Brownell and supplier attendees, our time in Atlanta was well spent learning, networking, and having fun. Get a look at this special meeting below. Workshops & Training Themed “Brownell Beyond”, this year’s Academy was all about looking to the future. Brownell has rich history… Read More >


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Phenomenal Education

“I am so thankful, grateful and honored to be a part of such a fantastic company. I said to a few of you one of the best parts of Academy is getting to see everyone and catch up but what I really want you all to know is how much I appreciate the phenomenal education I received this weekend. I was blown away. Just when you think it can’t get any better….it does!”

Kelly Millington, Fairfield, CT


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