Hosting Program History

The Brownell Hosting Program history begins in 1978 as one of the first host agencies in the United States. Many of our independent advisors are in their 4th and even 5th decade in business, and we continue to develop new talent today! Contact us to become a part of this incredible program.

1978 – Rebecca Willson opens a new travel agency in Cleveland, Tennessee named Personal Travel Consultants. Two years later, PTC isinvited to join Allied Travel International as a shareholder/owner.

1988 – Allied Travel International is sold to the Upchurch family in Ft. Worth, TX and becomes known as Allied Percival International (API), before later being re-branded Virtuoso.

1988 – PTC begins “hosting” former employees who want to work as a travel advisor remotely, creating the basis of a whole new business model and becoming the first Virtuoso host agency.

2003 – PTC and Sterling Travel, Atlanta’s leading Virtuoso agency, merge and the PTC hosting program is relocated from Tennessee to Atlanta. Rebecca remains and serves as the CEO of the newly merged entity.

2004 – Sterling Travel is sold to Brownell Travel, the oldest travel agency in North America.

2005 – Brownell hosts our first company-wide meeting of Independent Contractors, inside travel advisors, staff, and key vendor partners.

2006 – The Brownell Mentoring Program is established.

2008 – Hosting program operations move from the Atlanta location to Brownell headquarters in Birmingham, AL. Today, Brownell has offices in Birmingham, Atlanta and Mobile and 90+ ICs in 27 states and 3 continents.

2012 – Brownell celebrates its 125th Anniversary.

2016 – Brownell wins the “Outstanding Mentoring and Talent Development by an Agency” at Virtuoso Travel Week.

2017 – Brownell wins “Best Client Experience” at Virtuoso Travel Week.