Mentoring Program Training

Sarah Lee, Martha King, Stacy Bagwell, and Susan Whtison of Mentoring Class 11 during their 5-day initial training at the Birmingham Brownell office.

There are a lot of programs out there that claim to offer top training to become a luxury travel advisor. But when you are changing careers and starting a new business, don’t you want the very best training the industry has to offer?

If your answer is yes, then the Brownell Mentoring Program is the one you need. As the oldest travel firm in America and first Virtuoso host agency, Brownell has spent decades perfecting our training program, fine-tuning our trip planning process, and establishing our industry partnerships.

When you are one of the lucky few accepted into the program, your training will include:

A 5-day initial training at Brownell HQ in Birmingham

During your full week of one-on-one training, you will learn our systems, best practices, review our IC Handbook, and so much more. You will also meet other mentees in your class, your dedicated hosting team, our CEO & President, Troy Haas, and the other departments at Brownell.

Vendor Relations

We make sure you know who to call when you’re planning trips around the world. And with exclusive trainings with our preferred partners, you start building relationships with our top vendors immediately.

Business Development & Fees

You deserve to paid for your time, but how do you convey that to clients? We’ve got you covered. We have templates and resources for communicating fees, building your business model, and more.

Marketing Training

You need clients in order to sell travel…so how do you grow that network? Marketing. Our marketing team will help you with everything from branding to local marketing to social media.

Technology Training

ClientBase, Sabre, GDS – these sound foreign now, but we will teach you how to use these programs to organize and streamline your business. (And have no fear, our Tech Team is here to answer any questions as you continue to grow your business!)

And that is just the tip of the iceberg (just ask any past graduates about their Hosting Handbook!). We’ll walk you through everything you need to know so you not only graduate as a knowledgeable luxury travel advisor but also have the foundation for your travel business.