Mentoring Program Training

Sarah Lee, Martha King, Stacy Bagwell, and Susan Whtison of Mentoring Class 11 during their 5-day initial training at the Birmingham Brownell office.

During the first year of the Mentoring Program, participants undergo intensive training so that they graduate armed with the necessary resources and knowledge to become a successful Travel Advisor. We teach you the tried and true Brownell method that has worked for over 125 years. The training includes:

You’ll be invited to join an almost unlimited amount of on-going Mentoring Program training sessions throughout the year, including in-person sessions, online trainings as well as workshops at our annual Brownell Academy and Virtuoso’s annual Travel Week.

In addition to travel industry training, we also guide you through the steps of starting your own business: from creating a marketing plan to sending an announcement letter to clients. Our team is with you from Day 1 to help you build a successful business.