Mentoring Program FAQS

Q: What exactly IS a mentoring program?
A: Think of it as a travel advisor degree from the very best Ivy League school. The Brownell Mentoring program is year-long training program with a celebrated history of developing successful travel entrepreneurs. The program gives you the education, resources, strategies, and business development tools to launch your own luxury travel agency.

Q: What happens after I graduate from the Brownell Mentoring Program?
A: Assuming you meet all of the graduation requirements, you automatically continue under the Brownell Hosting Program, but with higher earnings and lower expenses.

Q: How quickly do I begin selling?
A: You begin selling as soon as you complete the initial training sessions in Birmingham.

Q:  Will I be paid while I am in the Mentoring Program?
A:  Participants in our mentoring program (mentees) are independent contractors who are self-employed and “hosted” by Brownell vs being employed by Brownell. Just as with any start-up business, you will be investing in a new career and while you will earn money by selling travel in your first year, you should have the financial stability to be self-supporting while your focus will be on investing in the development of your new company.

Q: Can I join the Mentoring Program while working full- or part-time at another job?
A: No. Launching a new business is a full-time job, and then some. We know from experience that part-time travel advisors have more gray hair, a higher-rate of hypertension, and are less profitable than full-time advisors. Ok, we haven’t proven that yet, but the anecdotal evidence sure does look that way!

Q: Can I hear from graduates of the Brownell Mentoring Program?
A: Absolutely. Our past graduates are our very best promotional tool for the mentoring program. Check out these videos to hear from graduates in their own words.

Q: Will I be matched with an individual mentor?
No, you will not have a single mentor…you will have a team of mentors who are deeply invested and passionate about helping you be successful. During your mentoring year, you will have direct access to world-class most business development, sales, operations, technology and marketing teams. You will also learn best practices and sales strategies from top travel executives from hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and ground-service providers across the globe.

Q: What is the difference between the Hosting Program and Mentoring Program?

A: Yes, you will have start-up costs and various business expenses. Most mentees invest between $6,500 and $8,000 for baseline expenses in the mentoring year, plus you will have additional expenses such as marketing, travel and so forth. We suggest you budget around $10k in expenses for the mentoring year.

Q: Is there a cost to join the mentoring program?
A: If you are currently working full-time as a successful professional travel advisor and have an active client base with an annual volume of leisure sales between $300-$500k, check out our Hosting Program. If you are passionate about travel, ready to build a new career and a new business on a full-time basis as a self-employed entrepreneur, check out the Mentoring Program.

Q: What advantages does the Brownell Mentoring Program offer over other travel agent training programs?
A: The Brownell Mentoring program is often imitated, but not equaled. Ours was the very first professional program of its kind and is recognized as best in class. Apart from our depth of experience, we are also the only program to offer dedicated business development, personal marketing support, and access to Brownell Academy. In addition, our reporting capabilities, culture, and reputation is unrivaled.