Mentoring Graduates

Meet Brownell’s Mentoring superstars. These graduates have used resources and connections acquired from their time in the Brownell Mentoring Program to rise above their peers and become powerhouses of the travel industry. These mentoring graduates, among others in the program, have received awards from prestigious brands such as Conde Nast, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and many more! Hear in their own words, how the mentoring program gave them the tools to launch their travel businesses and gave them careers they could only imagine.

David Ourisman Still
Meet David Ourisman

Jessica Ourisman StillMeet Jessica Ourisman

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Meet Martha Rhodes

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Meet Kim Heflin

Karen Lee-Ishmael Still
Meet Karen Lee-Ishmael

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Meet Louisa Gehring

Meet Martha King & Susan Whitson

Meet Lana Lewis Meet Lana Lewis

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Meet Marion Harbison Meet Marion Harbison

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