Hosting Program Training

Mentoring Class 8 in Hosting Program Training Session

Mentoring Class 8 in Training Session; Front Row: Laura Bassett, Louisa Gehring, Sheri Selkirk Back Row: Andrea Thames, Stephanie Miller Murphy

Ongoing education, destination immersion, and product training is a cornerstone of Brownell. Even with more than 130 years in business, we still learn something new every day. We recognize that everyone learns differently, so our training and education opportunities are as diverse as the world you are selling.

Start-Up Training

You’ll meet our dedicated hosting team at our headquarters in Birmingham, AL for a two-day immersion into all things Brownell. You’ll leave with renewed passion, energy, and the confidence to take your business to the next level.

Product Training

New itineraries, new openings, new destinations – oh my! We’ll help you stay on top of it all through several different programs including:

  • Weekly Webinars: Exclusive to the Brownell team
  • Supplier Profiles: According to TRAMS, Brownell is the largest power-user of the CRM software ClientBase, thanks to tens of thousands of supplier profiles we build and update with booking information, “need to knows,” and contacts.
  • Intranet Access: We keep it up-to-date with supplier news, promotions, and intel for you to access whenever you need it.
  • Travel Tribe: Our private digital community for real-time Q&A with your peers, the very best travel advisors in the world
  • Virtuoso Travel Academy: Through our membership in Virtuoso, you will have access to their deep library of professional development and product training courses.
  • Brownell Academy: Our annual company meeting that brings all of our team together with our top suppliers for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun.

Business Development

Why do experienced ICs cross the road to Brownell Hosting? To hatch new business opportunities, of course!

  • Annual Business Reviews
  • Business Plan Development
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales, Client and Supplier Analytics


Brownell has one of the largest and most experienced marketing teams within the Virtuoso network and travel industry. Our marketing team is YOUR secret weapon.

  • Annual Marketing Plan Reviews
  • Marketing Minutes: 30-minute, live Webex trainings on far-ranging topics like, “Become Insta-Famous on Instagram” to “Best Practices from IC Marketing All-Stars.”
  • The Runway: Team Marketing’s advisor-facing newsletter with timely marketing tips, strategies and success stories from our ICs.
  • Strategy Sessions: Schedule time with one of our experts to discuss techniques for social media, traditional advertising, PR, promotions, and out-of-the-box ideas for your business.

Professional Development

Brownell ICs are constantly on the go, attending industry events and shows like:

VIRTUOSO WEEK , PURE, ILTM Cannes, ILTM Americas, ILTM Asia, ILTM Latin America, I AM AFRICA, LE Miami, DUCO


We know that to see it is to sell it. That’s why we pioneered an “Exclusive Educational Travel” program. Small groups of Brownell Advisors are hosted across the globe to gain first-hand knowledge of the destinations, hotels, resorts, and experiences we sell to our clients. Each year, we offer 6-10 exclusive educational trips to popular and emerging destinations. In addition to exclusive educational travel, our advisors are sought after by the top travel providers in the world for inclusion in their traditional familiarization trips. Check out this video to see the destinations and experiences our advisors visited in 2017.