Hosting Program Information

The leading hosting program in the industry

Brownell’s Hosting Program is unlike any other. Our primary focus is to help you grow and build a successful business. Armed with vast industry connections and a deep level of support, our Independent Contractors are the best in the industry.

Michelle Cowell, Pascale Lejeune, Kristin Meckem, and Stephanie Miller Murphy


  • The top host agency for independent sellers of luxury travel
  • The oldest leisure agency in North America, established in 1887
  • A company with worldwide recognition for ethics, professionalism and integrity
  • A preferred partner and top-tier commission earner with virtually every luxury supplier in the travel industry


  • A 100% commission rebate agency
  • An “every man for himself” agency
  • An agency for part-time sellers, dabblers, and hobbyists
  • A typical host agency for traditional travel agents

Less than 5% of applicants are accepted into the Brownell Hosting Program. We strive to maintain our superb reputation among travel suppliers, clients and media partners.