If you want to be a luxury travel advisor, you know that Virtuoso is a must. When you are a part of this exclusive network, you can unlock benefits for both your clients and your business. But there are a lot of Virtuoso host agencies – so what makes Brownell different?

Easy. Our longstanding relationship with Virtuoso.

Since becoming the first Virtuoso host agency in 1988, Brownell and Virtuoso have working closely together to shape the travel industry.

Though Brownell is a smaller, boutique travel agency, it is a Top 5 Virtuoso agency, a national account, and our advisors and ICs are actively involved on nearly every Virtuoso committee and board. As a Brownell Independent Advisor, you not only access the benefits that come with Virtuoso, but you can also take an active role in developing the future of travel.

Speaking of benefits…as an affiliate of Brownell, you can access the amenities that come with an agency that has such formidable buying power.

Advisor Benefits:
  • Higher commissions – and with Brownell, you can reach even higher commission levels!
  • Virtuoso Marketing: access to award-winning magazines
  • Training: Virtuoso Travel Week and other professional development events
Client Benefits:
  • VIP Status: VIP recognition with Virtuoso hotels, resorts, sailings, and tour operators
  • Virtuoso Hotels and Resorts: exclusive amenities and upgrades
  • Virtuoso Voyager Club: group pricing, hosted sailings, complimentary onboard perks

Virtuoso Training

Virtuoso is not only a network of agencies and travel partners but also is a vast resource for ongoing training. Every year, both sides of the travel industry come together for Virtuoso Travel Week. During these few days of training, advisors meet one-on-one with many representatives of hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and airlines from around the world. Advisors can also take advantage of the Virtuoso Travel Academy. Every month advisors can be a part of a variety of webinars and exclusive trainings and study tours to keep advisors up to date with the latest in the industry.

Brownell Indpendent Advisor Sam McClure winning the Most Innovative Advisor award at Virtuoso Travel Week.

Brownell Indpendent Advisor Sam McClure winning the Most Innovative Advisor award at Virtuoso Travel Week.