Brownell Academy

Martha Rhodes and her assistant Sarah Richardson meet with suppliers at the Annual Brownell Company Meeting.

Martha Rhodes and her assistant Sarah Richardson meet with suppliers at the Annual Brownell Academy.

Every year in the fall, the entire Brownell family comes together for our company meeting, known as the Brownell Academy. The meeting includes our in-house advisors, independent contractors, and support staff as well as key suppliers and vendors. Our independent contractors especially look forward to the Brownell Academy because it is a fantastic opportunity to network with their inside and independent advisor peers, the Brownell executives, support staffs, and key supplier colleagues.

What are the highlights of this weekend get together?

Brownell Independent Advisor Geisel Power

  • Special session for Independent Contractors that includes a Q&A and networking session.
  • Networking with the entire Brownell family
  • Workshops covering a variety of topics such as fees, supplier issues, handling challenging clients, marketing, managing your work day, and topics on the horizon such as social media marketing.
  • The Annual Awards & Recognition dinner where we recognize team and individual accomplishments.
  • Meetings and presentations from our preferred vendors.


Advisor Testimonials

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the AMAZING Brownell Academy!! It just reinforced, 200%, why I chose Brownell and I am so happy and proud to be a part of this family. You guys did an amazing job and it was so great to see you all! I am just so excited for what the future holds.”

“Thank you for all of your planning, hard work, and imagination that came together in the perfect realization of the best annual meeting ever.”

“Once again you all have reminded me how grateful I am to be a part of the Brownell Family. The Academy was fantastic and I loved seeing you all! I learned some new things and enjoyed networking with great partners. The Awards Dinner from start to finish was a perfect company celebration!”

“What an amazing fabulous OVER THE BIG TOP time I had being welcomed into the Brownell family at Brownell Academy! There are not enough words in enough languages… truly, to describe the place of gratitude I am in right now. I really did feel at times that I was in a dream and that I had made up this imaginary place (tears are in my eyes as I type), but it really is all true!” 

“I really enjoyed meeting other ICs and hearing their stories and getting feedback and encouragement from them. The Brownell team is pretty phenomenal—it is really like a family. I came home encouraged and uplifted.”

“I love the workshops, meeting with vendors, and being with friends—I loved it all!”

“Truly, just about every aspect of the meeting was useful. I particularly enjoyed the IC session on Friday – lots of great information shared and discussed.”

“The entire meeting was amazing! I came back motivated and thankful to be a part of Brownell!”

“I cannot tell you how blown away I was by the level of detail at Company Meeting. From the welcome boxes at check-in to the presentations to the breakfast as we left—amazing!! I’m so proud to be part of Brownell.”

Vendor Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank the supporting/organizing team for all the hard work and efforts that were put in to make such an amazing event. I know something this spectacular doesn’t happen by chance and I especially loved all the theming and special touches throughout, we were made to feel very special. I loved it all, especially the opportunities to join sessions and the learning opportunities.”

“[I was] very impressed with the Brownell Summit and this was the first one I had attended (always heard great things). This event reinforced why I enjoy working with Brownell and the advisors—a great team of people! Thank you!”

“The best agency event I have ever attended. Absolutely outstanding from beginning to end.”

“A huge thank you! Not only are you the most hospitable and lovely people in the industry, you are also the most professional.”

“Just a quick note to tell all of you how proud Classic Vacations is to be partnered with such a well-oiled organization. Brownell Travel is the epitome of success over the years.”

“Great job as always. I walk away each year and know why Brownell is successful – your approach in providing the Brownell family (vendors and advisors) information on how to move forward and keep your company in the same focus for success.”