Awards & Recognition

During the Awards & Recognition Dinner at Brownell Academy, Brownell recognizes the top producers, key support staff, and team members that exemplify Brownell’s key values. Winners of the Griffin and 1887 Club sales awards, the Sterling Award, and the Most Improved Sales are invited on the annual 1887 Club Trip.

Troy and Meg with award winner Advisor Catherine Whitworth.

Troy and Meg with award winner Advisor Catherine Whitworth.

Top Producer Awards:

Griffins: Winners of the Griffin are the top 10% producing ICs in the company. These Advisors get to go on a pre- or post- trip in addition to the 1887 Club Trip.

1887 Club: The 1887 Club winners are the top 25% producing ICs. The Advisors who win this award are invited on the annual rewards trip.

Devonians: The Devonians are the top 30% producing ICs. Reaching Devonian status is a major benchmark for Mentoring Program graduates and new Advisors to our Hosting Program.

Service Awards:

Sterling Award: The Sterling Award goes to the IC who stands out by being a team player, sharing knowledge, growing their business, and continuing their education.

Most Improved Sales: This award goes to either the inside Advisor or IC with the highest year over year increase.

The Griffins and the 1887 Club during the 2014 trip to Ireland.


Deborah Knighton, Randi Rosenberg, and Katherine Gould during the 1887 Club trip to Argentina in 2015.

1887 Club Trip

The 1887 Club Trip is hosted by one of our preferred partners with incredible activities, accommodations, and meals. The destination is revealed along with the winners at Brownell Academy.

Past Trips

  • 2005: France a la Carte
    Nice, St Paul de Vence, Provence & Paris
  • 2006: Across the Big Pond
    English Countryside & London
  • 2007: VIP Italy Experience
    Lake Como, Bologna, Florence, Milan
  • 2008: Hawaii
    Kailua-Kona, Lana’i City, Maui
  • 2009: Spicy, Sultry, Sexy, SPAIN
    Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Barcelona
  • 2010: Apres Olympics
    Vancouver & Whistler
  • 2011: Colonial Mexico
  • 2012: South America
    Santiago & Patagonia, Chile
  • 2013: Jumby Bay & Puerto Rico
  • 2014: Cliffs & Castles
    Dublin & Irish Countryside

  • 2015: South America
    Mendosa & Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2016: Punta Mita, Mexico


MVP Awards

We also like to recognize people beyond the sales arena. Individuals who demonstrate Brownell’s core values of passion, integrity, excellence, graciousness, and innovation throughout the year are also given an MVP award.