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2016 Brownell Academy

We just returned from our annual company meeting, Brownell Academy. During this weekend, the Brownell team and our travel partners travel from around the world for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun. This time is so special because our Independent Advisors, support team, in-house advisors, and assistants are all together in one place – and this… Read More >

Meet the New Class: Class 15

  We were thrilled to have the latest mentoring class in the Birmingham office last week for a fabulous week of training! Starting with a kick-off dinner on Sunday night, this initial training is the first step in their career as a Brownell Independent Travel Advisor. During the week, mentees learned about Brownell, Virtuoso, our… Read More >

A Day in the Life of a Travel Advisor

As illustrated by The Office. 7:45 AM at Coffee Shop When you run into a friend who asks “Why would I use a travel agent? I can just book it online.” [SCREAMS INTERNALLY: IT’S TRAVEL ADVISOR!!!!] 8:30 AM Morning conference call with a travel partner in the UK to work out the details of a fabulous Ireland + England… Read More >

Brownell Travels the World: 2015

Brownell Independent Advisors have been all over the world in 2015! From Mongolia to Moorea, Austria to Australia, Bhutan to Borneo and many places in between! (#JobPerks) See photos from just a few of our team’s adventures in the video below: If you want to become a Travel Advisor (& travel like our team!), join… Read More >

Meet Patrick Millard

When you decide to become a travel advisor after working for top-tier Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, you have to join the best of the best. And that’s exactly what Patrick Millard did when he joined the Brownell Hosting Program. After working his way up through the ranks of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Patrick Millard decided to… Read More >

Brownell Academy 2015

We just returned from our 10th annual company meeting, known as the Brownell Academy. Our Independent Advisors come together with the entire Brownell team plus many of our travel partners for a few days of learning, networking, and fun. The meeting started with a dedicated Independent Advisor session with Q&As forums and trainings. Next, the… Read More >

How the Brownell Mentoring Program Launched my Business

After 10 years working in Corporate America, Kim Heflin decided to turn her passion for travel into her profession. Her experience planning trips for family and friends combined with personal experiences globetrotting gave her a solid base for her business, but she knew she needed true industry training. Kim joined the Brownell Mentoring Program and… Read More >


7 Questions with Karen Lee-Ishmael

Karen Lee-Ishmael started her career in travel at 16 when she planned a 14-day tour through Europe for herself and 5 friends. She still remembers each exciting detail of that “coming of age” trip, and since then, travel has been a major part of her life. After graduating from Smith College, earning an MBA from… Read More >


50 Reasons to Join the Brownell Hosting Program

Why join the Brownell Hosting Program? Let us count the ways! Whether you’re an experienced Travel Advisor that wants the support, industry connections, and reputation of Brownell or someone who is ready to switch careers and enter the Mentoring Program, there are countless reasons why Brownell’s Hosting Program is the best of the best. Read… Read More >


Meet Karen McAlpin

With a background in interior design and experience in product development for Saks Inc., Karen McAlpin has an eye for details and seeing the whole picture. While spending hours and hours planning a family trip to Disney, she quickly realized that her skills could be applied where her passion lies: travel. Karen heard about Brownell’s… Read More >


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An incredible opportunity to join the industry as a newbie

“The mentoring program was an incredible opportunity to join one of the premier travel agencies in the world as a complete newbie. Brownell’s staff was always available and willing to help with the countless questions I had during my first year. Being mentored by the top travel professionals in the industry contributed immensely to the success that I am now enjoying.”

David Ourisman, Berkeley, CA

We could not do this without you!

“The Mentoring Program gave us the chance and the training to start a business AND the continued support to grow that businesss. We could not do this without you!”

King & Whitson, Chattanooga, TN & Washington, VA Washington, VA


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