Why You Should Become a Luxury Travel Advisor


If you think a career as a travel agent is a thing of the past, you’re not alone. But despite speculation that it has gone the way of the dinosaurs, the travel industry is booming. Now more than ever is the time to start your career as a luxury travel agent (ahem – advisor).

Need convincing? Here’s why you should become a luxury travel advisor (& here is how to do it!)


The Internet offers so much information that it has become simply overwhelming. Exhibit A: Google “Caribbean resort”. You get over 19 BILLION results. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!) Blame it on the Paradox of Choice, but people need a travel advisor to eliminate the endless options and propose fewer options that fit their budget and needs.

Leisure time is one of our most precious, non-renewable resources, and we don’t have time to sift through millions of search results. A travel advisor ensures travelers make the most of their time before (and during) the trip.


If the thought of boarding a plane or experiencing a new destination makes your heart beat a little faster and every thought is “where am I going next?”, you love travel. So why not live and breathe your passion by starting a career in travel? Though it’s not all globetrotting, you spend a lot of time* learning about the world and staying up to date on the new hotel openings, industry trends, and emerging destinations.

*We’re not kidding. Research + planning luxury custom vacations = a lot of office time. Something to consider before becoming a travel advisor.


Research is great, but in order to really understand a destination, a travel advisor needs to experience it first hand. Enter educational travel. Many host agencies offer opportunities to travel, or you can plan it on your own. During these EDUs, your destination host shows you the property and educates you on the different room categories, the location, the dining, and more. And with technology, you can stay connected and work from just about everywhere!

*Jetsetting to the best resorts and hotels in destinations around the world sounds glamorous, but as mentioned above, travel advisors spend most of their time researching, planning, and booking. This is not the industry to join so you can travel the world for free 24/7.


A successful luxury travel advisor has a global network of travel partners. The more you work with them, the more they become friends rather than work contacts. And suddenly your small circle of friends includes people around the globe.


Travel creates memories that last a lifetime — and as a travel advisor, you get to be a part of that. Whether it’s ensuring a hotel pulls out all the stops for a milestone birthday or arranging a truly life changing adventure, these special moments resonate more than any physical item ever could.

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