We Travel More: Educational Travel

How do you become a better travel advisor? Experience, training, and educational travel. While gaining experience takes time, you can take your travel education into your own hands and expand your knowledge base. One of the very best ways to truly educate yourself about a destination, hotel, cruise line, etc. is to experience it first hand.

And that’s where Brownell Travel Advisors have a true advantage. All advisors have countless educational travel opportunities. Our dedicated Educational Team works closely with our travel partners to create educational trips (or EDUs). Then the team shares them company-wide, and the Brownell Leadership Team selects advisors to attend each trip. Even better, Brownell has developed Brownell Exclusive EDUs where a group of Brownell team members travel together to some of the most exciting destinations, like Africa, India, the Caribbean, Italy, and so much more.

So whether you’re a new travel advisor or have been in the industry for years, one of the best tools in your selling toolbox is your first-hand experience. And when you are a part of the Brownell Hosting Program or the Brownell Mentoring Program, you will be fully equipped with countless opportunities to see the world and better educate yourself in travel. See the infographic below to better understand the scope of Brownell’s Educational Travel Program: