Travel Advisor Certifications

You have to pass the CPA Exam to become an accountant, the Bar Exam to become a lawyer, but what certification do you need to become a travel advisor? The short answer: none. There is no global examination or course that people must take to be travel advisors. However there are several travel advisor certification programs that make you stand out above any ol’ Joe Schmo who decides to become a travel advisor. Since 1964, The Travel Institute has offered all types of training for travel professionals. These programs set the foundation for a successful career and the continuing education ensure travel advisors stay up-to-date with the changes in the industry. Learn more about two travel advisor certification programs below:


What is a CTA?

A CTA is a Certified Travel Associate. To get become a CTA, you must first have 18 months of travel industry experience before you have the option to complete a training program, and then pass an exam.

Why become a CTA?

Becoming a CTA is like earning a specialization in any career. It shows your dedication to your industry as well as your knowledge and experience. You don’t have to have a certification to be a travel advisor, which means someone could call himself or herself a travel advisor and lack major skills and experience. As a CTA, you stand out from the rest.


What is a CTC?

A CTA is a Certified Travel Counselor. To be a CTC, you must have five years of travel industry experience, be a CTA, and complete a course.

Why become a CTC?

The CTC program gives travel advisors the tools to take their career a step further as a travel manager. Participants learn the management skills necessary to be successful in an ever changing industry. Earning a CTC designation is one of the highest achievements in the industry.

How do I become a CTA or CTC?

You can enroll on The Travel Institute website to complete your CTA or CTC program; however Brownell offers our team a CTA study group every year. Participants in the Brownell study group have the benefit of a dedicated trainer, weekly webinars, and a community working towards a common goal. Our team sees to it that you complete the curriculum and pass the test so you can further your career as a luxury travel advisor.