Meet Patrick Millard


When you decide to become a travel advisor after working for top-tier Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, you have to join the best of the best. And that’s exactly what Patrick Millard did when he joined the Brownell Hosting Program.

Patrick MillardAfter working his way up through the ranks of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Patrick Millard decided to become a luxury travel advisor. Accustomed to working for the best of the best in hotels, Patrick knew Brownell was the only choice for a host agency.

“I decided to join Brownell Travel because I wanted to work for the best company in the travel industry.  There is no other travel company in the world I would have considered working with to deliver incredible travel experiences to my clients,” explains Patrick. “Brownell Travel’s access and preferred partner status with the largest luxury travel brands around the world allow my clients to receive incredible personalized attention, amenities and benefits that are not available to the general public.”

Patrick worked for Ritz-Carlton for more than 10 years, and during his tenure, he made a name for himself with his professionalism and knowledge. Agencies across the United States were eager for him to join their ranks when he made the decision to move to the agency side.

“After working with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, I developed a passion for travel and made some great contacts around the world during my career. I wanted to share my knowledge of the travel industry and passion for travel with other people and help them make the most out of their travel experiences,” says Patrick.

Since joining Brownell in mid-2015 and starting his agency, The Travel Maestro, Patrick has proven that his skills as a hotelier translate to success as a travel advisor.

“We knew Patrick from his time at Ritz-Carlton and everyone on the team loved when he came to the office. We knew he would be a perfect fit for Brownell, but his drive for success and eagerness to learn has blown us away. He is truly making a name for himself as a luxury travel advisor,” says Sheri Selkirk, Vice President of Brownell Hosting.

Patrick understands that travel is so much more than a vacation. He leverages his global network to create memorable and engaging experience for clients. His expertise goes beyond hotels; he also loves to plan cruises, tours, adventure travel, and family travel.

To contact Patrick, visit his website: The Travel Maestro or you may contact him directly via email at

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