One Size Fits All Hosting Program – Who Wants That??


You don’t buy the same car, clothing, or home as everyone else, so why would your small business be any different? Since no two Travel Advisors are alike, your Host Agency can’t put you in a pre-defined box. You might focus on experiential travel while another Advisor is a cruise expert. Each Advisor’s selling, marketing and training strategy is unique to their individual business plan, and the hosting program must adapt to support each Advisor.

The Brownell Hosting Program offers comprehensive support that adapts to each Advisor’s needs. As an Independent Advisor, you can utilize as much or as little support from all departments as you need. Our support includes:


Our in-house marketing team can do as much or as little marketing for your business as you need. Services include:

  • Logo design
  • Brand development
  • Social media consulting
  • E-blasts and newsletters
  • Website development
  • Ads and press releases
  • And so much more!

Industry Partnerships

A key benefit to the Brownell Hosting Program is Brownell’s relationships with suppliers across all facets of the travel industry. You can take advantage of these to enhance your client’s experience. Need to make sure your client’s Seabourn cabin meets all their requirements? Call our dedicated rep. Want to make sure your client is treated like a VIP at a Ritz-Carlton? Our Ritz-Carlton STARS membership ensures that they are. Read more about the Brownell Advantage here.


At the end of the day, the success of your business comes down to how much you are selling. Our accounting team runs weekly, monthly, and annual reports to keep you in the know. Reports include:

  • Weekly sales reports
  • Monthly settlement statements (a true Brownell advantage!) that summarizes sales, income, expenses, and outstanding commissions for the month
  • Monthly Outstanding Commissions Report (bonus – we have a full-time staff member that chases commission to make sure you get paid!)
  • Bi-annual Production Reports: shows year-over-year and quarter-to-quarter production
  • Reports on Demand: want to get the latest update? Simply request a report and we will run it!

Business Development

The way your host agency supports your business development is crucial. Brownell assists with your:

  • Business Plan: reviewed annually to make sure you are on the right track
  • Microsite: Your microsite on Brownell’s website gives you an instant web presence.
  • Web Leads: We help you build your client base by sending you web inquiries based on your specific destination knowledge and specialties


Advisors must have their finger on the pulse of all things travel. Brownell offers extensive training opportunities so you will be up to date with the latest and greatest. Training includes:

  • Webinars: Each week you have several webinars in which you can participate
  • Educational Trips: Brownell Advisors are invited on the best educational trip around the world, and often they are Brownell exclusive.
  • Vendor Meetings: The Brownell offices host several vendors per week sharing updates and news, and a staff member takes notes for the entire team to see in our database.
  • Company Meeting: During the annual Company Meetings, Advisors select which trainings to attend and which vendors to meet—it’s like a more intimate Virtuoso Travel Week!

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits all program! Learn more about the Brownell Hosting Program here.