Meet Kerry Dyer

From left: Troy Haas, Sue Shaffer, Meg North, Rene Alldredge, Kerry Dyer, Martha Gaughen, Beth Flowers, Sheri Selkirk, Haisley Smith, and Dan Basik

This year we were thrilled that Kerry Dyer joined the Brownell family as Director of Talent Development. As a travel industry veteran and longtime friend of Brownell, Kerry brings invaluable knowledge and experience that will be instrumental in growing and developing our Hosting Program. She’s worked on the incentive side of the industry, traveled the world representing top luxury hotel companies, and established herself as one of the most professional and savvy people in travel. Not to mention she’s one of the nicest and most fun people you’ll ever meet! Get to know Kerry more in the interview below.

Tell us about your experience in the travel industry.

My entire career has been within the travel industry. Over these 20 years, I have experienced an array of positions, markets and territories. I have been fortunate to have worked for luxury companies throughout: Maritz Travel Company, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Mandarin Oriental and now Brownell. At my core, I am a sales person who thrives on personal and professional growth and knows that relationships are the key to success for both.

How did you first get to know Brownell?

Our relationship began on a five-day trip to Hawaii – how is that for a first date?? In 2008, I hosted the 1887 Club reward trip at the Four Seasons Resorts in Hualalai and Maui. I could immediately tell that this group of top producing travel advisors and the leadership team were smart and focused professionals who genuinely loved their jobs as well as the people they worked for and with.

How did you decide to join the Brownell family?           

I 100% buy into Brownell Vision & Values. “Enriching lives through exceptional travel experiences” is a personal mantra for me and my family. This vision is shared by every Brownell employee for both themselves and their clients.

What does your new role entail?

Our independent travel advisors are exceptionally talented entrepreneurs and business owners. My role is to work with each advisor and the program as a whole to develop business strategies and solutions that will help them build and grow successful businesses. I am also looking for new individuals who share our core values, passion for travel, and entrepreneurial spirit to join the Brownell Hosting Program.

How will you help Brownell Independent Advisors be successful?  

Brownell has an extensive arsenal of tools and solutions for travel advisors to grow their businesses. Just like our advisors know that no two clients (and thus no two itineraries) are the same, I understand that each IC’s business is unique. As I work with each person, I use our industry-leading analytics, reporting, and marketing strategies to create custom business strategies for each advisor. The strategies are ongoing, and we will assess regularly and adjust as needed to take advantage of revenue opportunities in the industry while meeting the needs of their clients.

What is your favorite aspect of Brownell?

The key differentiator of Brownell is that it is an established business in the travel industry vs. a travel agency striving to be a successful business. As the first travel agency in North America, Brownell has decades of experience building a successful business and training and developing travel advisors.

What makes the travel industry so special?

I am addicted to change – new routines, new people, and new experiences. What better career to fulfill that need than travel? The world is, well, THE WORLD! The opportunities to Discover More are endless. What I most appreciate about the travel advisor side is that, while the world is so large, we have a small, global community built on special and authentic relationships. Through our worldwide network of industry friends, we can provide access to authentic experiences for our clients in every corner of the earth.

What advice do you have for someone interested in a career in the travel industry?

Go for it! There are not many opportunities to turn a hobby into a career. Travel is a place where you can do just that, and Brownell is THE place where you can be an entrepreneur and business owner with a team of people dedicated to your success.

Stay tuned for more from Kerry each month as she shares tips for changing careers, travel industry intel, and more!