Discover More Wins “Best Client Experience”

There are many reasons to use a travel advisor – their expertise, knowledge, access to exclusive amenities, time saving, and so many more – but at the root of it all, what sets a travel advisor apart from booking direct or through an online website is the human connection. That’s why Brownell created our innovative DISCOVER MORE process. And this year at Virtuoso Travel Week, we were pleased to be awarded the Best Client Experience out of over 800 Virtuoso agency partners!

Technology has so many benefits, yet the relationship between an advisor and a client can turn an average trip into an exceptional travel experience. Truly understanding someone’s motivation for travel, their hopes and dream for a trip, and their unique preferences is essential when it comes to designing a bespoke itinerary. Learn more about the five steps of DISCOVER MORE below:


The first step is the initial contact about a trip. But before going into specific travel details, the advisor uncovers the client’s motivation for traveling and their vision for their perfect trip.


Next, the advisor works with the client to develop an itinerary tailored to the client’s specific needs. Our travel partners around the world are essential in this step, as they collaborate with both the advisor and client to include authentic experiences and insider activities.


The itinerary is set and reservations are booked…but did you know that clients are happiest and most excited during time leading up to travel and not the travel itself? The Connect phase keeps the advisor and client engaged at a crucial time that is often overlooked. Whether the advisor checks in with the client, sends an article or recipe about the destination, recommends a movie to watch before the trip, or some other touch point, this contact allows the advisor to build the excitement and be able to proactively make changes that would otherwise be last minute.  


Adios! Bon Voyage! Safe travel! The Experience phase is when the client is actually on-the-ground traveling and experiencing the “Brownell Way.” Through Virtuoso, our preferred partner status, and our deep relationships with top travel partners, the advisor can plan little surprises and personal touches to surprise and delight the client during the trip.


Once the client returns from their trip, the advisor sets up a time to meet and relive the magic of the trip together. This Share session is vital for the advisor to truly understand each client’s unique preferences. The advisor learns from highlights and the hiccups so that their relationship deepens and future itineraries can be even more personalized. During the Share conversation, the advisor and client can begin the conversation about “where to next” and the process goes full circle.

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