Brownell Mentoring Program: Is It For You?

Brownell Mentoring Program

Are you interested in switching to a career in travel? Look no further than the Brownell Mentoring Program. This innovative one-year program is designed to bring experienced and entrepreneurial business people – with no prior travel industry background – into the travel business. Candidates accepted into the mentoring program go through extensive training to help them become successful travel advisors. From a 5-day training session in the Birmingham office to online training sessions with Virtuoso, after a year in the mentoring program, mentees graduate ready to tackle the travel industry. Read below to discover if you have what it takes to be a part of this amazing program.

You are new to the travel industry on a professional basis.

You are very passionate about travel and the process of creating a memorable itinerary. You are ready to progress from hobbyist to professional travel advisor.

You are very well traveled and have good experience in the type of travel you intend to sell. You are probably already the “go-to” person for friends and family for travel advice.

You have been successful in another career and understand how business works. You may have been an entrepreneur in your former career and built a successful business in some other field.

You have realistic sales and income goals. You’ve studied the industry and understand how a successful travel advisor earns income… and you are ready to learn the ropes. You don’t need a salaried position, but are ready to earn your own income as your business grows.

You have a fairly clear vision of what type of travel business you’d like to develop and your target client base.

You are already very well connected to your target client base.

You are in a financial position to retire from your current career and devote full-time work effort to your new business venture.

You are a team player who values learning and sharing with an active professional community. You value having a strong partner to help you learn and grow in this new business venture.

You are a strong self-starter who knows how to make things happen.

You understand the value and benefits of associating with the most respected travel company in the industry.

Read more about the program here or apply here.