Brownell Air Desk


When you’re new to the travel industry, there is a lot to learn. From navigating Brownell’s robust database (an incredible resource with decades of information!) to Virtuoso and the many preferred partner programs to the lingo (IATA, CLIA…just to name a few), it can be downright overwhelming (learn about how a host agency can help with that here). Many of our independent contractors wait or choose not to delve into learning the world of Sabre or Worldspan for client airline reservations. But many clients want help with air, so to make it easy, we’ve introduced the Brownell Air Desk!


The Brownell Air Desk is one of the many aspects of the Brownell Advantage. We know clients want their advisor to help with every aspect of a trip, including air. Now, all advisors can offer this service to clients and get their split on the commission!


Advisors have one key contact for the Air Desk: Angie Brothers. Angie has worked with both the Brownell Corporate and Brownell Incentive Travel divisions. She has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry and knows the ins and outs of Sabre. Plus, she is one of the kindest, most patient people you can ever work with!

And if Angie is out, the fabulous Becky Interbartolo is her backup. Becky has nearly 30 years’ experience as an advisor and as hosting support team. You can’t get better than this dynamic duo!


Unlike booking flights on the airline website, Advisors can get commission by using the Brownell Air Desk. There are also many client benefits! Not only do Angie and Becky have extensive experience booking air, but they also can utilize contract rates when applicable. And when the air is ticketed within Brownell, the Advisor can help with changes or air issues, plus the client can use an emergency number for any after-hours flight cancellations or disruptions.

To learn more about the Brownell Hosting Program, click here!