Brownell Academy: the Benefits of a Mutual Investment

Brownell’s Director of Talent Development Kerry Dyer gives an inside look at Brownell Academy.

No, I am not writing to tell you about the latest and greatest mutual fund or IPO to watch. I am writing to share my experience attending Brownell Academy, our annual meeting with the entire Brownell community. Attendees include all internal support teams, inside advisors, Independent Travel Advisors, and our top vendor partners, and everyone invested time, money, and energy to be a part of this event.

So why is Brownell Academy so special?

1. Learning

The three-day event includes many different learning opportunities:

  • Brownell colleagues prepare and execute seminars, including best practices of running your business, effective marketing, current tools, and client and industry trends.
  • Our prestigious P3 partners provide “deep dive” sessions into their destination and products.
  • Over 100 treasured suppliers execute one-on-one appointments with advisors.

The facilitators as well as the ‘students’ are committed to increasing knowledge with the ultimate goal of providing the best advice, access, and service to their clients.


Pedro O’Connor from Epic Private Journeys and Brownell Independent Advisor Kristen Meckem

2. Sharing

Hand-in-hand with learning is the sharing of information, and this starts at the very top with Brownell’s CEO and President Troy Haas. During his General Session, he shared company stats and info like sales and revenue production, company profitability, our storied history, and plans for the future.


Brownell CEO and President Troy Haas during his General Session presentation.

The sharing continued across departments. Brownell’s successful Incentive Travel division gave insight to larger group travel, the marketing team had samples of the best strategies to build brand recognition, and the technology team taught tips and tricks for workflow organization.

3. Community

The final element as well as the foundation for Brownell as a company is community. When designing the program agenda, great attention is given to scheduling social time throughout the weekend. We eat, drink, learn, and laugh, all while appreciating long-standing friendships and making new ones. The timing is serendipitous as it not only aligns with the end of our sales year, but with the Thanksgiving holiday. Think of this event as a great big Brownell family reunion with sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and second-cousins-twice-removed coming in from all parts of the world. Everyone brings their best and gives their all. We celebrate the successes accomplished and toast to those sure to come in the year ahead.

We are better together and invite you to become a part of our community. Click here to learn more about the Brownell Hosting Program and here to learn more about the Brownell Mentoring Program.