And the Award for Most Innovative Advisor Goes To…


Sam McClure!

We are so excited that Brownell Independent Advisor Sam McClure won the Most Innovative Advisor award at this year’s Virtuoso Travel Week. Sam is the brains behind Small World Travel, boutique travel outfitter based in Austin, Texas. With a belief that travel is the greatest educator for children, Sam specializes in one-of-a-kind family adventures, including year-long family trips. “Sam creates her around the world family trips with amazing craftsmanship, all designed to allow her families to truly Discover More about the world and create legacies that span lifetimes,” says Troy Haas, CEO & President of Brownell Travel. She has traveled with her two children across the globe, from South Africa to Antarctica to Amsterdam and many places in between. Her first-hand experiences allow her to give her clients custom-designed trips that suit each family’s unique needs. In 2013, she was in Travel + Leisure’s A-List as top family travel specialist.

Here’s what Sam’s friends and colleagues had to say:

On Sam’s expertise… “Sam epitomizes what Brownell strives for in every travel advisor: knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and compassion.” –Sally May, Brownell Independent Advisor

On Sam’s around-the-world trips…“I especially love the work her team does planning curriculum for the studies the children will do while they are missing a school year. She leverages travel to be a full life educational experience!” –Troy Haas, CEO & President of Brownell Travel

On why Sam’s trips are so special… “Sam’s first-hand knowledge and incredible global network allows her to send families on bespoke journeys that they would never be able to plan on their own.” –Meg North, Executive Vice President of Brownell Travel

On why Sam is incredible to work with… “Sam has an energy and enthusiasm about travel that is simply contagious. You can tell that family travel is her passion through and through.”—Rachel Cansler, Assistant to Sam McClure

On why Sam deserves this award… “I had no doubt in my mind she would win. Sam doesn’t keep up with the trends—she sets the trend!”—Haisley Smith, Director of Marketing

From all of us at Brownell Travel, Congrats Sam!