50 Reasons to Join the Brownell Hosting Program


Why join the Brownell Hosting Program? Let us count the ways! Whether you’re an experienced Travel Advisor that wants the support, industry connections, and reputation of Brownell or someone who is ready to switch careers and enter the Mentoring Program, there are countless reasons why Brownell’s Hosting Program is the best of the best. Read on for just 50 reasons!

  1. Brownell’s Virtuoso affiliation and leadership positions on virtually every Virtuoso committee.
  2. The Godmother of Hosting Programs: Rebecca Willson, everybody. She paved the way for all hosting programs!
  3. Unmatched support from our hosting, tech, accounting, and marketing teams.
  4. Our ICs are among the most productive in the industry with well over an average of $1,000,000 in sales.
  5. Weekly sales reports to help you manage your biz.
  6. A custom microsite on our website optimized to your specialties.
  7. No costly marketing consultant. Our in-house marketing team can help you with everything from brand development to press releases to ads to social media.
  8. When you’re here, you’re family! Seriously though, everyone is on the same team and works to help each other at Brownell.
  9. Ritz-Carlton STARS, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Mandarin Oriental Fan Club, Silversea Silver Society, A&K 100 Club…just a few of the partnerships we have that allow you to access exclusive benefits and amenities for your clients.
  10. New to travel? No problem! The Mentoring Program will give you all the tools to be successful.
  11. Personalized Virtuoso Life
  12. Travel Tribe. A private group of the best Travel Advisors in the industry to answer all your travel questions.
  13. Our settlement statements are the best in the industry. In your detailed monthly report, you’ll see the monies you’ve earned and are being paid, monies that are in the house that you’ll get later, your most recent 12 months income, and expenses you’ve incurred.
  14. The name “Brownell” carries a lot of weight in the travel industry.
  15. The most innovative marketing campaigns in the industry.
  16. Monthly outstanding commission reports. We keep up with who’s not paying commission and who’s late paying commission.
  17. Your client is dead-set on a hotel that’s sold out. Brownell clients have first priority on the wait list.
  18. Trip reports, vendor training notes, and fact sheets are all stored in our database so you have the inside scoop on thousands of properties—even if you’ve never been.
  19. “It got lost in the shuffle” or “I can’t find that” doesn’t happen when you have our hyper-organized and dedicated hosting team on your side.
  20. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: we know how to use it and will guide you through the social media world.
  21. A 5-day training session in the Birmingham helps Mentoring Program participants kick-off their career with all the tools necessary to launch a successful business.
  22. Access to custom reports and analytics to track your business goals.
  23. We have a full-time staff member devoted to collecting commission so you don’t have to waste time chasing them.
  24. Our annual Company Meeting—the #1 agency event!
  25. Starting your own brand? Our in-house graphics team can create a logo and custom collateral for you.
  26. Webinars, Virtuoso Travel Academy, and Educational Trips help you grow as an Advisor.
  27. You can add extra benefits, perks and value to your clients’ trips.
  28. 72-hour response time? Yeah right! You’ll hear back from the support staff promptly.
  29. We’ve been doing this for 125 years. No one else in North American can beat that record.
  30. You’ll have a friend in each destination with our extensive global network.
  31. Thanks to Virtuoso, you can share private sales, exclusive rates, and private itineraries with your clients that aren’t available to the masses.
  32. Want to spend the afternoon chatting with the Global Sales Director of Ritz-Carlton? Advisors in the Mentoring Program have weekly calls with key industry suppliers.
  33. Hotels and travel providers will often move Heaven and Earth to accommodate a Brownell-affiliated client.
  34. You’re not working alone. Even if your office is hundreds of miles away, a quick post to our online forum will get you responses and answers.
  35. Advisors who reach certain thresholds are not only recognized at the Company Meeting, but also take an amazing rewards trip together to celebrate.
  36. You’ll be the first to know about new hotel openings, new experiences and emerging destinations.
  37. The Brownell leadership team holds key positions in advisory boards across the industry.
  38. You can experience destinations and properties first hand through exclusive educational trips. (Our team receives an average of 4 FAM invites a week!)
  39. You not only will be a part of the first travel agency in North America but also the first Virtuoso host agency.
  40. Brownell’s high volume of sales means we have the highest commissions with our luxury travel partners—that means YOU get paid more.
  41. The hosting team doesn’t train you to do okay; they give you the tools and training to be a frontline, top-producing, industry-leading advisor extraordinaire.
  42. We have a dedicated tech team to help you through any computer issues.
  43. Travel partners come from all over the world to our Company Meeting, and you’ll have 3 days to meet and network with them.
  44. Our Advsiors are the best, most experienced in the industry, and they share their knowledge with the Brownell family.
  45. Your support team truly wants YOUR business to succeed and will do just about anything to get you there.
  46. Did we mention Rebecca? She knows the travel industry inside and out and will support you with business development guidance throughout your career.
  47. Brownell’s infrastructure is tried and true. Your support, accounting, tech, and marketing teams are ready and waiting.
  48. You’ll always be learning. Whether going on an educational trip, calling in to a webinar, or doing an online Virtuoso training course, we’ll make sure you are up to date and in the know.
  49. Your clients will feel like celebs when they travel.
  50. All Advisors get a copy of “The Binder”—a training manual filled with information and examples.

And most important of all:

  1. You get to do what you love: sell travel. We take care of the rest.

To apply to the Brownell Hosting Program, click here. To apply for the Brownell Mentoring Program, click here.