Choosing a host agency to support your business is the most important decision you will make after deciding to become a independent travel advisor. Because your business success will depend not only on your commitment to innovative marketing and sound business practices, but also on the power and reputation of your host company, you have a lot to consider when choosing a luxury travel host agency. Read some of our FAQs to get a deeper understanding of our hosting program.

Brownell generally accepts about 3% of the applicants to our hosting program. We are seeking successful travel professionals who understand that our program is focused solely on your business success – versus other host agencies for travel agents who promise full support and a 100% commission rebate, but almost never deliver on that promise.

Here are some of the most asked questions about our program:

Q. How do I get started?
A. The first step is to fill out the Hosting Program Questionnaire HERE or the Mentoring Program Questionnaire HERE and someone will contact you for a phone interview to learn more about you and your business.

Q. Do I receive training?
A. YES, yes, and yes! You will have so many opportunities for training, you’ll have to build a calendar to keep up. You’ll receive several days of hands-on training once you are accepted in the program and then you’ll have ongoing daily and weekly training opportunities. We offer support and resources for a variety of professional travel agent certification programs, including the Travel Institute Certified Travel Agents, Certified Travel Counselor, CLIA’s Master Cruise Counselor and more. The options for earning professional certifications are almost endless, depending on your interests and specialties. Learn more about our training programs HERE and HERE.

Q. What does it cost?
A. After acceptance to our host agency, you will be responsible for a one-time fee that allows access to the “secrets” of the best Virtuoso host agency in the business. You will be given logins and access to our technology platforms and vendor intranets (Ritz-Carlton STARS, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Mandarin Oriental Fan Club, etc.), and attend the multi-day training sessions in Birmingham, AL. This investment varies depending on which of our host programs you join.

Q. What sort of marketing support will I receive?
A. As much as you need or want. You will have the opportunity to participate in our Virtuoso marketing plan which gives you the ability to send professionally produced, personalized marketing materials direct to your clients. You’ll also have access to the Brownell marketing team to help you develop a personal marketing plan, collateral, press releases and guidance with everything from website design to social media marketing. Learn about our marketing support HERE.

Q. Will I get leads from your website?
A. Maybe! You have the option of applying to be listed as a specialist on our website and through these listings, you may receive leads from potential clients who visit our website. Our website leads have continued to double each year since 2006 and our average sale from a web lead is $9500 and climbing. You may also be eligible to participate in the Virtuoso.Com lead gen program.

Q. What is Brownell’s commission split?
A. The commission split varies based on your annual income, and ranges between 70% to 85%.

Q. Do you offer a 100% commission rebate program?
A. No, we do not. We’ve studied this business model very carefully and cannot offer this option and continue to offer the high level of support for our independent associates. In order to offer a 100% commission rebate, we’d have to eliminate many of our support systems that have made us the best luxury travel host agency in the business, and we’d also have to require our IC to do a lot of their own accounting work. We prefer to offer the finest support systems in the hosting industry and handle your accounting work, commission collections and tech support. We know this system works because many of our independent associates left 100% commission rebate programs to join us and have never looked back. They tell us that the time they save by not having to track down commissions and deal with accounting issues gives them the freedom to do what they do best – SELL travel!

{See how the Brownell model compares to the 100% commission rebate model HERE}

Q. What are Brownell’s commission rates with vendors?
A. We are among the leading luxury travel sellers in the USA and believe that we are at the top level of commissions with most vendors. Would you rather earn 100% of a lower rate or 70-80% of the highest rates? In addition we are members of Ritz Carlton STARS, Four Seasons Premium Preferred, Orient-Express Bellini Club, Mandarin Oriental Fan Club, and too many others to name. To see a complete list of our preferred relationships that offer extra benefits to you and your clients, click HERE.