The First & Most Established Host Agency.


Brownell Tour in Venice

Brownell Tour in Venice, Italy (1926)

  • A close-knit community of 90+ travel advisors in 27 states and 3 countries
  • Core philosophy of information sharing within our community and support creates mutual success rather than competition
  • Business development team dedicated to establishing and growing your successful travel business
  • Globally recognized for high standard of excellence and ethics

The Brownell Hosting Program’s history begins in 1978. Rebecca Willson opened a travel agency, Personal Travel Consultants, which would later become Virtuoso’s first host agency. Today, Brownell is a Top 5 Virtuoso agency with advisors across the United States as well as two in Europe. And though our team is widespread, we maintain a 1:5 ratio of support team members to ICs to ensure each advisor has the business development resources and community of sharing to build a successful business.

Relationships are Key

Brownell & Virtuoso

Brownell isn’t just another Virtuoso host agency. Sure, our independent advisors access the financial benefits and client amenities, but they also help shape the future the travel industry. Brownell is one of the few Virtuoso Key Accounts, and our advisors are on nearly every Virtuoso committee and advisory board. From innovative programs to new marketing initiatives, Brownell is in the know of what’s happening and what is to come in luxury travel.

Industry Partnerships

Brownell’s industry partnerships are decades in the making, and these longstanding relationships make all the difference for our advisors and clients. Our advisors have more resources, more recognition, and more hands-on support and in turn can design exceptional travel experiences for clients.  One person can’t know the world, but with partners like ours, our advisors have a trusted expert to turn to in destinations around the world.

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